Prospective Debates Just Got More Complicated As RFK Jr. Now Says He Would Qualify for CNN


We’ve been hearing about evolving debate terms for most of Wednesday. 

Joe Biden only agreed to debate after demanding ridiculous restrictions, like only certain media organizations (the ones he thinks might help him?), having no audience, and demanding that Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. not be included. 


CNN has announced that Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will be the moderators for the first debate. Many people wondered what the chances were on whether someone will give Biden the questions ahead of time.

But now there’s another twist to the saga. RFK Jr. has spoken up–and he’s saying he qualifies for the CNN debate. 

CNN announced that the first debate would be open to any candidate who gets 15 percent in four qualifying national polls and meet certain ballot access standards, opening a possible path for independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to make the stage. 

Biden has said he would not agree to having Kennedy on the stage, and he would not agree to a Fox debate proposed by Trump. 

But RFK Jr. says he would qualify, writing on X:

I’m happy to report that I will meet the criteria to participate in the @CNN debate before the June 20 deadline. I look forward to holding Presidents Biden and Trump accountable for their records in Atlanta on June 27 to give Americans the debate they deserve. #KennedyShanahan24


So if they try to keep him out, that might result in a lawsuit. And including him might give Biden an out to back out of it, saying it doesn’t meet his terms. But of course, his terms are all about limiting his risk and trying to control the event. 

We’ll keep you updated as this story evolves. 


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